The Product Marketing Challenge

The business to business (B2B) marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years. Nearly 60% of the purchase decision is made before customers engage suppliers, and over 65% of the buyer journey is now done digitally according to research firm Gartner. Your product messaging and positioning are now critical to the pre-sales education process!

Product marketers are faced with the challenge of understanding highly technical product features and translating them to business consumable content. This is a challenging and expensive task.  55% of marketing budgets are spent on content production.  Yet, a high percentage of marketing materials are rated useless by sales.

If you don’t lead with meaningful and differentiated messaging:

• Your prospects will assign product value on their own.
• Prospective buyers will commoditize products.
• Your sales team will be playing price match from the start.
• Your channel partners will quickly become disinterested or tell you deep discounting is required.

Most product messaging misses the ‘why’ of decision makers, influencers, and users.  On average, there are 5 -7 people who influence a technology product purchase, some of whom we never meet in the sales process.

Product marketers do not have the resources or access to discover the breadth of requirements of all participants in the buying cycle, and then convert them into effective marketing materials.

BeMarketDo delivers a proven process for collecting insights from the individual customer participants who interact with your product.  We capture both functional and emotional values that customers assign to your product, and use both to create unique, differentiated messaging. Copyright © 2018