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Our Mission:  Marketing Heroes! 

BeMarketDo uncovers businesses’ unique gems that deliver revenue scale without significant investment.

Who We Are

We are practitioners. We have led marketing teams, built sales organizations, owned Go-to-Market, implemented digital marketing platforms, created content, enhanced brands, led lead generation, vetted partners, and optimized sales channels.

We think like you do.


Power Positioning Insights is a proven product marketing process that uncovers customer and competitor perspectives that drive our clients target market definition,  user personas, product positioning and messaging.

Power Positioning Actions delivers strategic marketing playbooks that align marketing, sales, partner and channel teams, increasing the consistency of market positioning and decreasing the time it takes to populate the broad set of communication channels available.

What We Do

BeMarketDo captures market insights to empower marketers to get the right message to the right person at the right time.  We capture the value current customers achieve with your products and convert into targeted product messaging and positioning for prospects.

Why BeMarketDo

“Tom is a true product marketer unlike anyone else I have worked with!” Dan Kurtz, VP Business Development, LightEdge Solutions

“For guys like me traditionally operating on the IT side of things, I’ve found Tom to be EXTREMELY effective in bridging the IT vs. business gap that tends to exist when trying to take IT solutions to market.” Mike McHenry, VP Cloud Products, LightEdge Solutions.

Why is Product Marketing So Challenging?

Initial product messaging and positioning is often created by engineers, developers, and product staff – resulting in technically heavy, emotionally absent messaging.

The result is ‘inside / out’ messaging that drives lowest common denominator value expressions, leads to unproductive marketing spend, and allows prospects to commoditize our products.


BeMarketDo believes in supporting causes that improve our community.

11 Feb
The Number 1 Reason for B2B Sales and Marketing Misalignment adminComments off.

Only about 8% of companies report having strong alignment between sales and marketing according to Forrester Research. The number 1 reason for sales and marketing misalignment is the disconnect in product messaging and positioning throughout the prospect engagement. Product messaging and positioning is the foundation for product marketing content. And marketers know the numbers – […]

11 Jan
The Puzzle of Personalization adminComments off.

One afternoon during the holidays, our family decided to do a puzzle.  As we worked on it, each of us took turns looking at the cover of the puzzle box, which had a picture of the finished product.  We studied that cover to match pieces with common color combinations and recognizable features as we completed […]

28 Dec
Solving the Content Personalization Problem adminComments off.

Explicit Personalization is a Math Problem! 69% of product marketers cited “understanding buyer needs” as their most important Go-to-Market strategy. Yet recent shifts in buyer dynamics have made the product marketers job more complex and challenging than ever before. Increasingly, much of today’s buyer journey is invisible to marketers. The opening of so many marketing […]

13 Nov
Is it Possible to Improve on “Crossing the Chasm”? adminComments off.

I’m with Malcolm Gladwell on this…”Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore is likely the best business book ever. Its been a continual reference source for me throughout my career. And over 25 years after its first publication, its still 100% relevant today. In just the past few weeks, I’ve had several detailed strategy discussions with […]

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