Power Positioning Insights

Power Positioning Insights is a proven solution that captures current customers in-depth perspectives of value.  Capturing and appealing to personal as well as functional values is recognized as critical in B2B selling.  Insights increases prospect engagement and shortens sales cycles by employing an analytics process that provides voice of the customer value perspectives.  We enable customers to drive differentiated product messaging based on what we learn from their current customers.  BeMarketDo will tell you what to say to who…and when to say it!

Product and services content creation is exceptionally difficult.  Forrester Research tells us half of marketing budgets are allocated to content creation, yet over 50% of materials produced are rates as “useless” by sales teams.  Those numbers confirm a fantastically inefficient and frustrating product messaging creation process.  Power Positioning Insights provides marketers with customer validated content that can be converted into enhanced messaging, positioning, and differentiation.  We give marketers value insights their product teams will respect and their sales teams will love!

Power Positioning Actions

Power Positioning Actions leverages the knowledge gained from our Insights and delivers marketing playbooks that client marketing teams use for targeted marketing execution, significantly decreasing the time it takes to leverage the expansive personalized marketing channels available. 

Marketing teams today are overwhelmed with assignments, many of which are interrupt driven, day-to-day requirements. On top of that, marketing is being asked to integrate more deeply into the selling process: prospective customers are self-educating, so messaging, positioning, and differentiation through every customer facing channel is more important than ever.

Deliverables from Power Positioning Actions are strategic playbooks that we hand to marketing teams for rapid and targeted execution across customer facing marketing channels. Copyright © 2018