Relevant content is what your customers think is relevant!

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Welcome to the inaugural blog from BeMarketDo!  I’m Tom Prosia, founder and president of BeMarketDo. 

BeMarketDo’s mission is to revolutionize the product marketing content creation process for technology companies.  Targeted at expansion stage companies, BeMarketDo employs a comprehensive, proprietary data analytics process that provides in-depth voice of the customer insights.  We discover customer perspectives of value and use those insights to create unique and differentiated product content – and then help our clients implement those validated value propositions across prospect facing channels.  

BeMarketDo helps our clients get the right message to the right person at the right time.  The results of our analytics driven approach are impressive:  SEO lift, increased website engagement, far less expense on A/B testing, shorter sales cycles, effective micro-targeted ad placement and more.  

The most common product content creation process is largely dependent on perspectives from internal company sources.  We help clients shift from ‘inside-out’  content creation by leveraging quantitative value insights provided by current customers.  We call this ‘outside-in’ content creation.  Our clients call it ‘relevant content’!

Product marketing is about messaging and positioning that creates differentiation in the eyes of prospective customers, which in turn drives demand.  Product marketers are tasked to translate product techno-speak into customer friendly language.  BeMarketDo turns this process outside-in:  we discover and validate what your customers value most about your product…we discover why they bought your product…and we leverage those insights to refine your current product messaging.  

Improved product content is clearly an important initiative.  A Kapost study reports that 55% of marketing budgets are allocated for content production and creation.  The 2018 Technology Marketing Benchmarks and Trends Report tells us content development is a priority for companies in 2018.  Yet 61% of companies don’t have internal resources (people or expertise) to create effective content.  And Forrester Research tells us that 54% of marketing materials are considered useless by sales.

Product marketing is a very important and very hard job, which is why demand and salaries for the role are high.  Product marketers must work effectively across the organization:  with R&D, engineering, marketing, sales, product management, and customer service.  The online recruiting and jobs site Glassdoor reports the product marketing role is the 13th most in demand role in the United States, with over 2500 job openings.  A senior product marketer commands an average salary of $134,000, plus bonus.

We know the most insightful source for understanding the real and perceived value of your products is current customer experience.  Product marketers spend significant time and resources on uses cases, customer interviews, and testimonials to capture customer feedback.  The challenge for most product marketers attempting to capture customer insights are:

◊ Limited access to the breadth of players involved in technology purchase decisions (5-7 people on average).

◊ Resources to tap into the number of customers required to create a quantitatively reliable base of knowledge.

◊ Getting to the depth of functional and emotional triggers that exist at the individual decision maker and influencer levels.  

The eye-opening aspect of BeMarketDo’s results are the deep insights we capture:  we see cross-sectional data breaks by job title, size of company, geography, vertical industry…and many other unanticipated insights that are exceptionally useful.  We use these customer perspectives to refine product messaging…and then help our clients to communicate revised messaging across all prospect facing channels.  

Our mission is to dramatically improve product marketing content creation by incorporating in-depth, voice of the customer insights.  We know prospects are self-educating before they engage vendors.  Our job is to provide granular customer insights our clients use to communicate unique and differentiated value across every prospect facing channel.  Our mantra is “The only relevant content is what your customers think is relevant!’

Thank you for visiting.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you!


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